You have researched your prospective company. You completed your due diligence and everything met your standards. All you have to do is to sign on the line and you are in business. Yet something still doesn’t seem right to you. You keep receiving vague answers when you talk to others members of your leader’s downline.

So how do you determine if your leader is the leader you want to work with?

Some sponsors do what leaders need to do.  They motivate you when you need it.  They try to understand what makes you tick. They want and need to understand your goals and what gets your blood racing.  Ultimately, they become both a friend and mentor.

Sometimes, the sponsor doesn’t fulfill the role of a leader. After they get you signed up, they disappear. This happens way too often. Then the marketer struggles to make any money and, most likely, drop out of the business after six to nine months.

So, how do you know which type of sponsor is recruiting you?

Unfortunately, there is not a clear cut answer to this question.  Probably the best course of action is to have a set of questions that you need answered.  Then you need to interview your prospective sponsor to see how they answer your questions. You also need to understand that some sponsors will not take kindly to being interviewed.  They will state that they are the leader and you need to follow what they say. This may or may not be good for you.

If you are new to the MLM world, there are many things that your sponsor may not tell you. They may not tell you what to do after you tap out your warm market. They may give you vague instructions, like make a list of 100 people that you know and go talk to them. Handing out flyers, holding in home meetings, explain your business to any one that will listen, etc. etc. are other things that they may have you do.

This may work for some people. However, this marketing strategy has done more damage to the network / MLM market that anything else. If a person is not a salesman, they will fail miserably if they try to market their product this way. They need a different marketing strategy.

A good sponsor will have a plan to get the new person going. They will try to understand the comfort level for a given marketing plan and explain how to implement this plan. Most good sponsors have a range of marketing strategies that can be adapted to fit most any situation or person. They understand that there is not a single solution for getting everyone successful, so they change their plan to fit the person.

There are also a percentage of marketers that don’t want their sponsors help. They have been there, done that. Sometimes they know more than their sponsor but, because of their situation, join an opportunity under a less experienced sponsor. As a sponsor, you should then try to learn everything you can from this team member.

In conclusion, when you are considering joining a new opportunity, make sure you know what your sponsor will do for you and what you will be doing for them. Just remember that the goal is for everyone to be successful. To learn how my team and I can help you to be successful in my business, go to to see how our marketing system changes the rules.

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